Saturday, July 24, 2010

We are Blogs 4 Palin


Who we are:

Blogs 4 Palin is a blogger community whose members support the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate in whatever she decides to do in 2010 and beyond. Our blogs are just one way we show that support.

Neither we nor our websites have any official connection with, nor or we authorized to act as agents for, Governor Sarah Palin, SarahPAC or any political party or registered PAC.


What we believe:

We believe that Gov. Palin is a breath of fresh air in a Republican Party where the atmosphere has become stale and toxic to Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles, as organized by Ronald Reagan into the following four essential categories:

1. Individual Liberty - Our basic rights have been bestowed upon us by our Creator. Government must not interfere in our lives. With these rights given to us, we are charged with taking responsibility for our actions and to endeavor to make our society a better one for all. We the people, not government, have the individual responsibility of helping the disadvantaged through our own voluntary charitable contributions. Large and remote federal government suppresses our individual rights and tries to assume our personal responsibilities. We therefore fully embrace the principles of federalism and the rights of the people and the states.

2. Steadfast Security - The first responsibility of the federal government is to protect the American people, their property and institutions. We believe in a strong national defense and secure borders. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships with other nations which share our dedication to freedom and individual rights. We believe in the rule of law, vigorous enforcement of laws and a judiciary which is limited to interpreting laws, not making them.

3. Fiscal Restraint - The wealth of the nation should remain in the hands of, and under the control of, those citizens who created it. As such, taxes should be fair, flat and minimal. Government spending should be limited to only that which is required as provided in the Constitution.

4. Traditional Morality - The unborn are human beings and are entitled to all of the rights given to us by the Creator as acknowledged by our founders in The Declaration of Independence. Adults are charged with the responsibility of protecting the young. Stem cell and other medical research should not be conducted with cells from human embryos. Human beings should not be cloned. The traditional American family is the strength of the nation. A marriage is the legal union between one man and one woman. We believe that morality should not be dictated by the federal government. The states are a more appropriate venue for such questions, but the final arbiter is found in the hearts and minds of the people.


Why we exist:

We believe that Gov. Palin is an across-the-board conservative federalist, and she has demonstrated that she remains true to the four conservative principles in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and Fred Thompson. Just as these two great conservative federalists were vilified by the political Left and the media, so has Gov. Palin been unjustly attacked. Blogs 4 Palin members pledge to use our websites to expose the prevarications and misrepresentations her political enemies use against her in their smears. We support Gov. Palin, regardless of what path she chooses in her service to her country. We recognize that no across-the-board conservative has been nominated for the presidency by any major political party since Ronald Reagan. The country is long overdue for common sense conservative leadership, and if Sarah Palin decides to pursue that office, we will fully support her. If she chooses instead to campaign for other national office, we will of course support that decision as well.


What we do:

We support our fellow Blogs 4 Palin members and will work with them in cooperative endeavors to support Gov. Sarah Palin. We do not get into angry flame wars on the web. We debate using facts, principles and Gov. Palin's proven record of governance. We have observed how some supporters of some political candidates have, by word and deed, caused a negative impression of the very candidate they claim to support to be formed in the minds of others. We are always mindful that our actions, rightly or wrongly, will be associated with Sarah Palin. We want that impression to be a positive one.


Our goal:

Using the internet and other resources, we aim to to assist Gov. Palin as she reunites the various factions of the Reagan Coalition through the application of conservative, federalist and libertarian principles.


Our Standards:

Our websites meet the following standards:

1. The Blogs 4 Palin blogroll is always displayed. Blogs have been listed on the roll in the order in which they were added to the blogroll. However, we are testing a function which displays the blogs in random order, and we will implement it soon.

2. Member bloggers are limited to having no more than three of their blogs displayed on the blogroll.

3. Member websites do not mock, smear or denigrate Sarah Palin or members of her family, nor do we post permanent links (i.e., in blogrolls, etc.) to other websites that engage is such disrespectful activities.

4. Foul language is not used. We are family-friendly.

5. Respect for men and women of all races and creeds is shown. We do not tolerate racism or sexism, nor do we allow a person's religious beliefs to be mocked.

6. We moderate comments. We do not allow mobys, moles or trolls to use our sites against Gov. Palin or her principles.


Join Us:

If you're a blogger who shares our belief in the principles described here, and if you support Gov. Sarah Palin, you are invited to join us.


How to Join Blogs 4 Palin:

Please send an e-mail (use the link in the full user profile in the sidebar) specifically requesting that your website be added to the Blogs 4 Palin blogroll. Include the name of your site and the url. Specify whether you want the long form or the wide form blogroll widget for your website. The wide form widget requires a sidebar width of at least 300 pixels. The long form widgets are available in column widths of 200px, 178px and 148px.

Your site will be reviewed, and if we determine that it meets the standards as laid out in the main post on this site, we will send you the code to display the blogroll on your website. When we verify that your blog is indeed displaying the blogroll, it will be added to the blogrolls on all participating websites in a reasonable amount of time, i.e. when the next regular update is sent out. It is the responsibility of each blogger to make sure that the most recent version of the blogroll is being displayed on his or her own website.

Although not specified in our standards, we will not add any blog to the blogroll which does not have posts about Sarah Palin. You cannot be a member of Blogs 4 Palin unless you are actually blogging for Sarah Palin.


How to Remain a Blogs 4 Palin Member in Good Standing:

Continued membership for your blog in the Blogs 4 Palin blogroll requires that you update the blogroll code on your website as ten blogroll updates each year are sent to you, about one every five weeks. It is only fair to link to the member sites which link to yours.

It is your responsibility to load these updates on your site within a reasonable amount of time after you receive them. With fifty or more sites on the roll, we have neither the time nor the inclination to nag you about displaying the latest version of the blogroll widget on your site.

If your site is not displaying the blogroll at all, your website will be removed from the Blogs 4 Palin blogroll without notice.

If your site is displaying a version of the blogroll that is 10 weeks or more older than the current update (two updates or more out of date), your website will be removed from the Blogs 4 Palin blogroll without notice.

If you change your e-mail address, it's your responsibility to contact us with your new e-mail information. If your e-mail client is blocking our updates, you should remove the filter on our e-mails or provide us with an alternative e-mail address which will pass the updates through to you.

The principles and requirements listed on this page are our only rules.